Female Users must leverage the “other tools” in the Enhancement Toolbox

Yesterday I released a video that logically and rationally describes long term intermediate to advanced cycle design for Female Use

Hopefully, it’s understood by all this framework is not envisaged as ” first exposure” its ” where you need to head” if you are here for the long term.. years of use.. not 8 weeks of Anavar at 10 mg a Day.

Underpinning that model is the minimization of the lifetime cumulative exposure of ” supraphysiologic” levels of Androgens

That we must leverage the other tools in the Enhancement Toolbox

That “Androgens” are not the simple, easy to execute solution for Women that they have been for Men for 50 + Years

Yesterday we touched on a framework that minimizes Androgen Exposure.

Unlock what we are doing here with these Hormones and everything else falls into place

Yes I agree its feels overwhelming but if you really want to learn

The learn as much as you can about these Hormones

Unlock what we are doing here and everything else falls into place

Victor Black