Masteron or Nandrolone ?

How can we tell which AAS carries a greater chance or degree of Virilisation in Women ?

Well the only logical rational way to do that is to take a group of Women give them the same amount of either drug and ” look”

Is Nandrolone the least Androgenic of the AAS ?

From 1968 to 1972, a trial of a new agent, drostanolone propionate (Masteril), was conducted to consider its effectiveness when compared head to head with Testosterone and Nandrolone for the Treatment of Estrogen Mediated Breast Cancer.

The results of those trials ultimately resulted in Drostanolone being marketed under the Trade name “Masteron/ Mastril” not because it was more clinically effective than Nandrolone.

Indeed Nandrolone actually performed marginally better

But because Masteron was significantly less Androgenic these Women, actually by a goodly margin

There where several trials, this is one of those

Patients who entered this trial were divided into 3 groups:

The Masteron Group where given 300mg a week IM for 2 weeks followed by 100mg a week

The Nandrolone Group where given 100mg a week IM – there was no front load of Nandrolone

Careful records were kept throughout the trial of side effects attributable to the drug in use.

On the whole, side effects of Masteril, such as skin changes and hirsuties, were generally mild.

In only I patient was there a severe complaint of hirsuties, although many patients did notice growth of hair on the face, but this was not as marked as those patients who were given Nandrolone

You have to understand the history of these drugs..

Masterton became Masterton because it caused less Virilization compare to Nandrolone in head to head Trials..

Takeaway here ?

Masteron is less Androgenic than Nandrolone here..  less not more less

That is ” how” Drostanolone” become “Masteron”

Victor Black