Safer Enhancement Practices for Women Webinar Recording

1.5 Hour Presentation

In Today’s Talk lets answer the following

1, What Problem are we Trying to Solve for Here ? This is not about “ works” ….

Ie We are talking Consequence of Use / Abuse not “ does it work”

2, The long term / abusive Consequence of Use of PIEDs, key differences between Men and Women

3, Current state of the quality of the Educational Information available for Women on the Safer Use of Enhancement Practices.

4, The different needs of Men and Women in Strategic Cycle Planning

Including Peak Value V Cumulative Lifetime Exposure

5, Compound Classification

5A, Fat Loss Agent vs Hypertrophic Growth Agent or Both ? Goal Specific Selection

5B, Which PEDs can be considered “ more Female Friendly ” ?

6, Quality of Supply

7, Examples of Cycle Design for Women – Very Moderate to Very Advanced

8, Simple Recommendations for Women moving Forward