What can you expect from my Coaching Style ?

I am an Engineer by “Trade”

It’s heavily influenced by that foundation and the business I have been involved in over my career

1, Understand the Problem we are Trying to Solve For

2, Create a Rational and Logical Plan that when applied correctly will give us the best chance of realizing our Goals

3, The execution of the Plan, according to the Plan

4, The Tracking of Progress of the Execution of the Plan using ” Tools”

5, Analysing the Progression we are Making


6, Making Adjustments to the Plan on a needs basis to help us realise those Goals

There is not a whole lot of “Emotion” involved, its not that I lack Emotion

Passion ? sure I am passionate, I would argue I am as passionate about this sport as anyone

But I am totally unemotional about Tools for they are just Tools

and partial execution of the plan well that means you did not leave the launch pad yet

Imagine doing an experiment where we set out to test the fuel efficiency of a Car at task and you forgot to put the fuel in the Car or you half filled the tank haha

What can you expect from my Coaching Style ?

I am an Engineer by “Trade”

Its heavily influenced by that

Yes I know people are not Robots

But the more Robot like you can be the better my Plans work..

Yes I eat remarkably similarly every day – no that is not fashionable

No I dont train ” intuitively”

No I dont change stuff ” just because”

No I dont use supplements ” just because”

PEDs are not selected based on what everyone else uses

I favor relentless application of inputs at moderate levels over longer time periods than ” blasts” of anything.. for stressors are involved ,stressors are at play regardless of if you understand that or not

” Its not enough Bro” is your opinion sure

Lets start low and slow and we can always turn up the heat on a needs basis if you dont see response is a ” structured rational plan”

Victor Black